Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Belly. (And Boobs). For No Apparent Reason. *Not Safe for Work!*

I felt like posting this. I know it's always a bit risky (or risqué?) to post photos of your own body, especially with nipples on. But there it is. I'm probably slightly bigger now.

My body doesn't look enormous to me or anything. Maybe it isn't. It's just... soft and jiggly.

In case you've read before and wonder how I'm doing, I'm OK, I think. Right now I'm eating a lot; it seems to come and go. I'm not terribly depressed. I probably sound down, but it's mostly because I'm taking antihistamines and am just really tired. I'll write a proper report another time.


  1. How very brave of you to post your naked body online. I think you look beautiful.

  2. No problem with the content but a NSFW warning would be good : )

  3. LOL, good point! :D I didn't even think of it as a potentially erotic picture. Fixed. :)

  4. INCREDIBLE!!!!! So proud of you and I deal with all of the same issues!!! I will be so glad when I can really truly love me!!!!!!!!!!